Element 26 6mm Knee Sleeve

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What Makes a Great Knee Sleeve?

This is the question we started with when designing the Element 26 6mm Knee Sleeve. We wanted ultimate performance, comfort, and mobility for CrossFit Athletes. We achieved this by starting with the best material we could find, 100% Premium Neoprene.

We then designed the shape around the form of the human knee. Next, we stitched up the seems. Then, Again. Seam failure is the biggest issue with many knee sleeves, and we want to ensure it doesn’t happen. Finally, we couldn’t decide if we wanted the extreme compression of a 7mm neoprene sleeve, or, the ease of use and mobility of a 5mm compression sleeve. So, we split the difference and tested 6mm. It was perfect. We built the best knee compression sleeve for Functional Athletes on the market!