RPM-Scout Weighted Rope

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At over twice the weight of our classic Session, Scout flips the narrative on your workout by effectively increasing the difficulty of any jump rope element, without causing a break in form or a loss of rope efficiency. Overcoming this inherent design challenge required a level of build precision that surpassed even our own industry leading standards, which is evident every time you pick it up.

Scout Rope Essentials

• 2x the weight of the Session
• Perfect as a heavy trainer when fatigue is the primary goal
• Better on rough, rocky, or uneven terrain*
• 100% precision machined aluminum
• Patented dual axis rotation
• Oil infused internal bushing for smooth spin and max power transfer
• Built standard with our SCOUT CABLE (2x the weight of the coated cable)
• Knurled handles for better grip
• Microfiber bag for easy storage

*While its weight makes Scout perfect as an outdoor trainer, the cable will still have to be replaced over time. Cable life span will vary depending on terrain and amount of use.