WodnDone Grips- 10 Pack

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Don’t let preventable injuries stop you from doing what you love. If training at a high intensity is your passion, protect yourself from wear-and-tear on your hands. Wod-n-dones are the skin-tight, flexible solution that keep your hands and calluses protected while you build the strength you need to excel. This ultra-thin alternative for gloves or grips ensures the safety of your hands without adding any unnecessary bulk.

Already ripped your hands? Use wod-n-dones and return to the gym the very next day! Our patented hand protection is designed with athletes in mind. It gives you a second layer of skin-like protection that moves with you. This unique solution allows for no interruptions to your training cycle.

Our specially-designed hand protection measures 3 inches wide by almost 10 inches long to give you the perfect fit. Just pull out a set of our hand grips, apply them and you’re ready to go.